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View all ecommerce stores from this segment. Showing 50 out of 500,000+ stores.

Websites using Shopify

We track Shopify customers globally & identify all Shopify stores for your research, marketing and sales needs.

There are over 500,000 active websites that use Shopify. Furthermore we offer actionable intelligence on 275146+ inddividual Shopify stores.

Get actionable intelligence on 275146+ online stores using Shopify by using our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download a list of Shopify stores?

Yes, you can download a comprehensive list of 500,000+ Shopify stores on our site. You can buy the list with PayPal right here. After the purchase we will send the list to your PayPal email address. You will receive the current list from one of our employees within one working day. Please contact our customer service mail address if you have any further questions. Our clients can approach customer service at any time.

How many online stores run on Shopify?

There are over 600,000 stores who run on Shopify. We have curated a list containing the 500,000+ most important Shopify stores.

How much does the list of Shopify stores cost?

The God of Automation has a $49 one time purchase plan for the Shopify store list.

What is the accuracy of The God of Automation data for Shopify stores?

The complete God of Automation data is actively managed and refreshed on a 90 days schedule to ensure relatively good accuracy. The list itself is usually updated every business day.

When was the list last updated?

The list was last updated on December 08 2019 18:02:22.

How do you get this data?

We index the Internet in the same way that Google does to power their search engine.

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